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About High Security Safe

About High Security Safe Company LLC

We, the owners of High Security Safe Company LLC ("HSSC"), selected the company name because we chose to offer only safes that provide superior protection. There are thousands of safes on the market, and most of the people looking to buy a safe do not have the experience to evaluate competing claims. Most advertising contains a lot of hype, and too often, intentionally misleading information. We at HSSC are able to see through most of the hype and choose to only advertise safes that provide superior protection.

Don't look for any $700 gun safes or $50 "high security" safes on our website. These may provide an illusion of security but are little more than sheet metal covered boxes that are quickly and easily broken into by burglars using common household tools. Those with fire ratings frequently use drywall (like your home walls) in the body and door to achieve the fire rating.

As you review our website you will see that most of the safes we offer have an Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) rating. Don't make the mistake of comparing prices of non-U.L. rated safes with U.L. rated safes; the non-rated safe will always be cheaper...and less secure. A U.L. rated safe is more expensive because the materials that go into making it more secure are more expensive. If the safe is U.L. rated it will say so. You will find the definitions of U.L. safe ratings in the "About Safes" section of this website.

If the safe is not U.L. rated, look for the amount of steel in the safe door and body. Few safe companies will tell you specifically how thick the steel is in both the door and the body, but a few do. Often they will tell you how thick the door or body is, but not how much of that is steel. Steel is heavy, so there is usually (not always) a correlation between the amount of steel and the safe's weight. Typically the lighter the safe, the less steel it has.

We would be delighted if you called us and asked for recommendations for your particular safe needs. We like talking about safes! We have accumulated a lot of knowledge and are willing to share it with you. You can count on us to suggest safes that best fit your situation, not ones we would make the most profit on. Integrity means everything to us at High Security Safe Company!