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Delivery of Safes

Delivery of Safes

If the safe or packaging is damaged in any way, even minor damage, note the damage on the receipt when you sign for the safe. If you see that the safe is in unacceptable condition, refuse the delivery! If damage is not noted on the receipt, a later claim for repair, refund or replacement may not be honored.

RESIDENTIAL deliveries:
The freight company will call you to schedule an appointment for the day of delivery. Delivery times are not guaranteed. If there is no adult at home to inspect and sign for the safe on the day the delivery is scheduled, there will be an additional charge for a second delivery attempt

COMMERCIAL deliveries:
Typically no appointment is made. If the trucking company finds that the business is closed during normal business hours, there will be an additional charge for a second delivery attempt. A delivery appointment can be made for an additional upfront charge of $75 which can be arranged through High Security Safe Company.

Possible Additional Delivery Fees: The buyer may incur additional fees if the delivery address is considered a "remote" or "limited access" location. Limited access locations may include churches, hospitals, military bases, colleges, islands, etc. Also, if the delivery location is difficult to access by a big truck, other arrangements may need to be made. If you have any questions about your location, please call High Security Safe Company.

Curbside Delivery
(safes weighing less than 2200 lbs.)

The safe(s) will be delivered on a wood pallet curbside, typically where your driveway meets the street. You will need to arrange to have the safe moved to its final resting place, and (usually) bolted down. Any relocking devices in the safe door will need to be activated by the installer after the safe is in place.

We suggest you look online to find a local safe mover to meet the delivery truck and place your safe where you would like it. Look for movers who specialize in safe moving, not general movers. If you need help, please call High Security Safe Company, we may be able to help you search.

Garage Delivery
(safes weighing less than 2200 lbs.)

Delivery to your garage may be available for an additional charge of $75. If you would like a garage delivery, please contact High Security Safe Company to arrange for the additional payment.

Access must be over pavement or concrete with no more than a 2% grade. The driver will not back the truck onto your driveway and will not remove the safe from the pallet. He may require help to push the safe into your garage. Garage delivery is not guaranteed. If the driver feels a garage delivery would be unsafe or is overly difficult, he will deposit the safe curbside (see Curbside Delivery). In that event your $75 additional charge will be refunded.

NOTE: Many safes have one or more re-locking devices that will need to be activated by the installer after the safe is in place. If so, access is through the safe's inner door cover. High Security Safe Company typically recommends bolting the safe to the floor for extra security; bolts are provided. Ask your safe installers if they can provide these services for you.