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TL-15 King Charles I – Model C26

King Charles I – Model C26
U.L. Rated TL-15 Fire and Burglary Safe
$1,399 Delivered curbside to any address in CA - ONLY 3 LEFT!
$300 cash refund if picked up by buyer in Carmichael, CA

Important Delivery Information

Exterior dimensions:
25.6"H x 22.4"W x 23.6"D

Interior dimensions:
20.5"H x 17.3"W x 14.8"D

Interior cubic feet: 2.72

Weight: 900 lbs.

U.L. Burglar Rating: TL-15

Fire Rating: 2 hours


  • Color: Ivory
  • 2 fully adjustable ½" thick glass shelves tested to hold 200 lbs. each
  • Stainless steel escutcheon with chrome 3-spoke wheel and keypad
  • Standard is a top rated NP Locks Rotobolt™ Type 1 electronic lock with lighted keypad.
  • Steel is expensive and heavy, but more steel always means more security
  • The body of our C26 is just as strong as the body of a U.L. rated TL-30

  • 6.10" thick door
  • 3.00" thick body walls provide protection equal to 1 full inch of solid steel
  • The walls and door encase a high density concrete material
  • 10 fat 1.57" diameter chromium bolts, 2 top, 2 bottom + 3 on each side
  • Added .25" thick manganese steel plates protect the lock and bolts from drill and punch attacks that lesser safes succumb to
  • The door incorporates burglar-foiling shattered glass and mechanical re-locking devices
  • Anchor bolt holes in the bottom for securing the safe to the floor. Bolts included.

The King Charles I Model C26,
TL-15 High Security Safe

Occasionally you may see an ad that calls a cheap safe a "High Security Safe." The person running the ad is intentionally or unintentionally misleading you. In the world of safes, a High Security Safe has an Underwriter Laboratories' burglar rating of TL-15 or higher. Only a professional safe cracker would intentionally tackle breaking into a High Security Safe. Less experienced burglars may attempt entry, but they soon realize they don't have the experience or the equipment needed.

The body of our C26 TL-15 is just as strong as the body of a TL-30, it's construction provides protection equal to a one-inch thick slab of solid steel! Don't be misled when you see a nice looking safe and read, "heavy 7 gauge steel." 7 gauge steel is .1793" thick, or less than 1/5th of an inch. When the measurements are in gauge or millimeters (in the U.S.) you can be pretty sure the seller doesn't want you to know how thick the steel is. Steel is heavy, expensive and more costly to ship, but more steel always means more security!

How much is peace of mind worth? If you have some expensive jewelry, cash reserves, or a collection of silver or gold coins, don't entrust them to anything less than a High Security Safe!