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King Richard I Model R71GS

King Richard I - Model R71GS
U.L. Rated TL-30x6 High Security Gun Safe
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Important Delivery Information

Due to their weight, these safes must either sit on a concrete floor or a reinforced raised foundation. In addition, the surfaces being crossed to reach the safe's final destination must also be able to bear the weight. We recommend consultation with a qualified contractor to discuss reinforcement of a raised foundation floor.

Exterior Dimensions:
70.87"H x 35.43"W x 31.50"D

Interior Dimensions:
63.78"H x 28.35"W x 20.08"D

Fire Rating: 2 hours

Shipping Weight: 4,490 lbs.

U.L. Burglar Rating: TL-30x6


  • Color: Cabernet
  • Fully upholstered with ivory faux leather
  • Interior beautifully illuminated by LED strip lighting
  • 6 fully adjustable shelves + gun rack
  • Accommodates 11 long guns
  • Heavy brass pull handle and 5-spoke wheel
  • 3 interior electrical outlets
  • 2 premium locks – 1 electronic with lighted keypad and 1 mechanical (dial)
  • Complementary low-wattage dehumidifier included
  • 21.01 cu. ft. interior

  • UL rated TL-30x6 - impenetrable six-side protection. If there were a TL-60x6 category, this safe would qualify!
  • 2 ¼ tons of brute strength
  • The door is a mammoth 7 2/3" thick…the body 3 ½" thick.
  • Both the door & walls contain layer after layer of thick steel tubes filled with an extremely dense, hard composite material
  • Sixteen 1 5/6" bolts – top, bottom and both sides
  • Added ¼" thick drill resistant manganese steel plates protect the lock and bolts from drill and punch attacks
  • The door incorporates 3 burglar-foiling shattered glass and mechanical re-locking devices
  • 4 anchor bolt holes in the bottom for securing the safe to the floor. Bolts included
  • 2 premium Sargent and Greenleaf™ (S&G) locks. Both must be unlocked to open the safe. Standard is one S&G Titan Pivot Bolt™ electronic lock with lighted keypad, and one S&G mechanical lock with Spy-Proof™ locking dial. With this lock combination you can unlock both and then leave the dial set to the last number...this will allow you to quickly unlock the safe with just the keypad until the end of the day when you spin the dial to engage both locks for the night.

Click below to see a coring, grinding and drilling test of a safe built to the identical specification and manufactured by the same company as the King Richard I series and The Prime Minister safes!

Both the door & walls contain layer after layer of thick steel tubes filled with an extremely dense, hard composite material!

The King Richard I Model R71GS,
TL-30x6 Gun Safe

Gun owners know the importance of keeping guns safely locked away not only from children but from burglars as well. Why not keep your firearms and other valuables in the strongest gun safe on the market? The King Richard I Model R71GS gun safe is exactly that, a U.L. rated TL-30x6 safe that thinks it's a TL-60x6 (with a test that would prove it...if there were such a rating category). [See also its sibling The Prime Minister PM63GS.]

The luxurious and heavy duty R71GS is every gun owners dream. It comes in Cabernet or Mahogany with striking brass hardware. It is fully upholstered in ivory faux leather and is beautifully illuminated by LED strip lighting. This is a multi-purpose safe, not just a gun safe. In addition to the 11 notches for long guns, there are six shelves for your important documents, reserve cash, gold coins and expensive jewelry, along with a full 2-hour fire rating. With a top rated electronic lock with lighted keypad and a virtually manipulation proof mechanical lock with a Spy-Guard key-locking dial, no safe cracker will be unlocking this baby! The door and walls contain layer after layer of heavy steel tubes filled and surrounded by a very dense composite material that will even thwart an attack with an acetylene torch. Inside you will find three electrical outlets and a complementary 18" Lockdown low wattage dehumidifier. Who wouldn't be impressed with this amazing safe? If you want an impregnable safe that will accommodate your long guns, then look no further than the King Richard R71GS.