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King William I – Model W59

Home and Office Fireproof Safe
★ ★ ★ Awarded a RSC Burglar Rating by Underwriter's Laboratories ★ ★ ★

Important Delivery Information

Exterior Dimensions:
59.30"H X 31.40"W X 22.40"D

Interior Dimensions:
54.50"H X 28.60"W X 16.50"D

Shipping Weight: 966 lbs.

Fire Rating: 1 Hour 45 Minutes

U.L. Burglar Rating: RSC


  • 4 exterior colors: Cabernet, Sable and Titanium
  • Fully upholstered with ivory faux leather
  • Interior beautifully illuminated by LED strip lighting
  • 5 fully adjustable upholstered shelves
  • Heavy pull handle and 5-spoke wheel
  • 3 interior electrical outlets
  • An electronic lock with lighted keypad is standard
  • 14.88 cu. ft. interior

  • Twelve 1¼" bolts – 5 on each side + 1 top and 1 bottom
  • ½ inch of steel in the door
  • ¼ inch of steel in the body
  • Added ¼" thick drill resistant manganese steel plates protect the lock and bolts from drill and punch attacks that lesser safes succumb to
  • Steel is heavy and expensive, but more steel always means more security
  • Door & walls encase a hard fireproof composite material
  • A top rated LP Locks Rotobolt™ Type 1 electronic lock with lighted keypad
  • The door incorporates burglar-foiling shattered glass and mechanical re-locking devices
  • 4 anchor bolt holes in the bottom for securing the safe to the floor. Bolts included
  • Optional: Underwriter's Laboratories rated Group 2M (manipulation proof) Big Red™ mechanical lock with Spy-Guard™ locking dial - $60